Miwayer Rosin Premium Old Tree Light Low Dust Natural Rosin for Violin Viola Cello Bow (2Pack)

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【Miwayer Natural Old Tree Rosin】Select natural elder pine extracts, and obtain pure rosin through advanced filtration system. The viscosity of old tree rosin is 5-8 times higher than that of normal rosin, which can effectively improve the timbre of the instrument and obtain a clear and bright sound. 【High Strength Viscosity】Old tree rosin has strong adhesion, and ordinary rosin cannot be compared. High adhesion can help performers better get the sound they want. 【Low Dust】After effective testing, the sensitivity of old tree rosin is 3-4 times that of ordinary rosin, and because the pure rosin obtained through the advanced past has the advantage of low dust, it can avoid irritation to the human body. 【Use】Miwayer professional old tree rosin is very suitable for violin, viola and cello players. 【Guarantee】If there are any problems ,please contact us instantly.We will reply you at the first time and do our utmost to make you satisfied.