Miwayer Portable Detachable Wooden Kalimba Stand Holder Thumb Piano display stand Fixed frame for 10-key 17-key Kalimbas

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【Miwayer Kalimba Stand】Beautifully designed with exquisite workmanship. Thick anti-slip padding on the cradle protects your valuable instruments from scratching and damaging. 【Quality】In the newest version, we use Plywood instead of Fiber Board which makes the stand more sturdy and durable. Easy maintenance with simple wiping. With regular upkeep it will last as long as your Kalimba. 【Design and Storage】It is cut precisely and smoothly,Just two flat wood pieces simply fit together. It is easily to assemble and disassemble in a minute.Easy transport and storage 【Wide Range of Applications】Suitable for a variety of different Kalimba sizes and shapes: 15 key, 17 key, and 21 key Kalimbas 【Size】Size: Approx. 14.5 * 9.5 * 0.9cm